Product Solutions

In cooperation with different quality suppliers out of the industry we are developing and manufacturing modular „product solutions“, that are application oriented and easy to install and to use. We are only using certified components for volume conversion devices, flow computers, data loggers, analytical instruments, and system components.

Meter-Q Solutions GmbH is using these instruments and components independent of the manufacturing companies and is only committed to the technically best and most economical solution for the customer. Proven components and solutions from the customer will be used as well as new, innovative, and certified components that are developed and marketed internationally.

Gas Quality Measurement – Process Gas Chromatograph MGCflex

The process gas chromatograph MGCflex is based on the latest Nano-technology that enables the instrument to perform extremely short analysis times for 14 single components of natural gas. Beside the extremely short analysis time, the Nano-technology is the basis for a very compact instrument design with significantly less weight (ca. 15 kg) than conventional PGC´s. Due to its small size, little weight, and flexibility the MGCflex can be easily retrofitted and used in border, city gate, or interconnector stations, Bio Methane or Power-to-Gas installations. The new process gas chromatograph is MGCflex is characterized by the main following attributes:
• very compact design
• ATEX Zone 1
• up to 4 gas chromatographic modules
• Analysis of 14 individual components of natural gas
• very fast cycle time (< 1 Minute)
• PTB-approval as a calorific value PGC for custody transfer in preparation

Fast Calorific Value Measurement – Calorific Value Transmitter MGQflex

To determine the calorific value and / or Wobbe-Index fast, it is not only of highest importance to have a very fast sensor that delivers the measured value in few seconds but also the probe preparation needs to be engineered and set up accordingly. The transportation time of the to be measured calorific value transmitter gas from the pipeline to the sensor needs to be minimized. These facts have led to the development of the calorific value transmitter MGQflex. The design of the calorific value transmitter MGQflex has been patented by Meter-Q Solutions GmbH under the registration number (Nr. 20 2017 005 215, IPC G01N 33/22). The MGQflex is mounted directly on the gas pipeline and is characterized by the following attributes:
• calorific value sensor acc. to OIML R 140
• explosionproof acc. to IECEx and ATEX for use in Zone 1 applications
• fast response times incl. gas sample transportation time
• automated calibration in the field with pure methane for a guaranteed long-term stable operation in the field

Standardized Docking Station - Type DS Gas and DS Electro
Docking stations for Gas measurement stations

Especially in brownfield metering and pressure regulation stations the „as built“ infrastructure differs widely. The commissioning of a mobile back-up process gas chromatograph in a stationary system for revision purposes or in case of sudden failure is very cumbersome and time consuming – logistics, gas, power, and data connections, fulfillment of Ex Zone requirements, etc.. The docking stations DS Gas and DS Electro are installed permanently for gas, power, and data connections. With such an installation it is always ensured that the connections can be made safe, quick and according to Ex Zone hazards and requirements.

• quick commissioning for operation of the mobile gas quality measurement
• the enclosed part of the station does not have to be entered anymore
• Standardized procedures for connecting and commissioning
• simple handling
• clear and permanent definition of the Ex Zone
• protection for non-authorized use
• applicable for outdoor use
• available in wall or post mounting application
• installation in Ex-Zone
• patented (German patent nr. 20 2014 006 813.5)